December 16th 2011.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said the UK is a Christian country “and we should not be afraid to say so”.

In a speech in Oxford on the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, the Prime Minister called for a revival of traditional Christian values to counter Britain’s “moral collapse”.

May 19th 2011.

The Synod has decreed that there shall henceforth be a ROCOR Western Rite Vicariate under the oversight of Bishop Jerome.

May 5th 2011.

The ROCOR mission of Saint Eanswythe has been given the use of what is now the Saint Eanswythe Chapel with in the large (formerly Anglican) Antiochian church of Saint Dunstan in Poole, Dorset.  Services in the Chapel on a Sunday begin at 09.45.

March 30th 2011.

Bishop Jerome will visit Christminster Monastery in Canada on the weekend of May the 29th,  where with Archbishop  Hilarion’s blessing he will perform an Ordination.

It may be one of the first-ever ROCOR bishop’s Mass in the Roman (as opposed to the “Restored Gallican”) rite since Metropolitan Archbishop Anthony of London and Archbishop Alexis Van der Mensbrugghe in the 1960s and will be partly in Latin and partly in English.

Sunday, May 29, will be the Mass “Vocem Jocunditatis” — “With a Voice of Singing Declare Ye…” – the 5th Sunday after Easter,


March 9th 2011.   His Eminence, Archbishop Hilarion gave his approval to the formation of the Saint Drostan Hermitage in Scotland.  The Hermitage will be set up in late 2011 by Fr. Michael.


February 27th 2011.   Fr. Michael, Assistant to the Archbishop for the UK, Blessed Sr Margaret  into the novitiate at Saint Eanswythe mission in Christchurch.  Sr. Margaret resides at the Life Giving Spring Hermitage in Scotland.

February 11th 2011. His grace Bishop Jerome blessed the launching of this website for use by all Western Rite people around the world. The site will be an active site with all pages subject to frequent update and change. Other pages will be added and content will increase as time goes on.

January 18th 2011:  The Russian Synod through the local bishop has asked one of our people to provide a full collection of Belgian saints for presentation to the Holy Synod in June for approval to use from 2012


January 1st 2011:  Anglicans in America interested in joining the Orthodox Church as Western Riters may also contact Bishop Jerome at  vrevjrs (at)   if they wish.


Fr. Michael, Assistant to the Archbishop for the UK
Superior of Saint Petroc Monastery

Abbot David of Our Lady of Mount Royal Monastery