Being a modern translation of the Divine Liturgy of the first millennium Church in the British Isles as found in the Stowe Missal, with Rubrical and other supplements from the Sarum and intended as a Liturgy suitable for the twenty-first century.

This is undoubtedly an Orthodox Liturgy. Not used by Protestants nor by schismatic Roman Catholics, it is totally Orthodox.

We will shortly be publishing a translation (done by Dr. West of Oxford university) in book form of the Liturgy of Saint John the Divine, which will be able to be bought on line.  As soon as it is available, we will put the method of ordering it here.

The Liturgy of Saint John the Divine as used in the British Isles was well known on the Continent for what they thought were the quaint eccentricities – “British” that they saw in it.    To us today it looks like any Celtic liturgy – but there are differences. What we have (which is modernised – and has additions) as being peculiarly appropriate to the secular – pagan society surrounding us – rather than the later triumphalist liturgies (including Chrysostoma)

It is authentic – we know that the original book is there for scrutiny – and it has been scrutinised. It might even be possible to take the x-rays and re-construct the liturgy as it was before the insertion of the Gregorian canon.



However as it is – it is authentic for much – probably all of the British Isles up until the Great Schism.  That gives it  an authority and an unarguable Orthodox authenticity – and not least an authenticity for the remaining Celtic areas of the country (although it was used throughout Britain).